CEO Michael DeQuattroCEO Michael DeQuattro knows the call center industry. Before transitioning exclusively to lead generation he ran debt reduction call centers. The experience gained during the years of operating his own call centers places him in a unique, and valuable position to understand your business.

Below are a few testimonials we received from satisfied clients and partners. We have not included company names to protect our clients from harassing competitors, but additional information of our client case studies are available via request. None of the clients received compensation for testimonials shown below.

We look forward to helping your company accelerate its sales goals by providing the industry’s best live transfers.

After going through numerous lead providers we found Mike and only wish we found him sooner. He is the most trustworthy lead provider I’ve worked with who always strives for quality. We are always in communication throughout the workday to assist each other in providing the best information to achieve the best results. If you need a lead provider, look no further.

Dan Reiss

When you talk about cream of the crop, Michael DeQuattro’s name comes to mind. He means what he says and says what he means– which is quite refreshing in our industry. If you want it straight, go straight to Michael and you’ll get it.

Michael Altshuler

“I have known Michael for many years, and highly recommend his live lead generation services. I have used his services in the past with excellent results, and would use them again in the future. Michael has the highest level of integrity and professionalism in everything he does. His expertise in generating live leads in many specific industries would prove to be a valuable asset to any Sales-Marketing organization.

D.A. Zercher

I would without any reservation recommend Michael DeQuattro. His work ethic, product knowledge and attention to detail are an invaluable asset to any consumer or company.

Wanda Phillips

Michael, was the reason my company grew to become successful early. Michael is very knowledgable, one of the very best and His down to earth approach. Made it easy to work with him. I endorse Mike to anyone who’s looking to grow in the telephony business.

Mark McDonald

I have worked with Mike on multiple campaigns over the years and he is a pro when it comes to planning and executing successful marketing campaigns. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone I know, he is a great guy to do business with and easy to work with. A+++

Joseph Mullin

Mike is great to work with. He took the time to make sure our entire order was complete and we received everything we paid for. I would recommend Michael to anybody that has been dealing with “lead vendors” in the past and those vendors have not delivered on there order. Mike comes through.

Chris McNally

Michael is an exemplary professional services consultant and one of the most creative and imaginative executives I have had the pleasure of working with. He is dedicated, meticulous and fun to work with. His passion and energy, combined with a flair for delivering astounding results is remarkable. I highly recommend Michael and wish him success in his career choices.

Rahul Dasgupta

Michael has been a consummate professional in all of his industry. I appreciate him to-the-point approach. he has been upfront and honest in all of our business transactions.

Eric Berjer

I have been working with Michael on a Variety of Verticals during the last two Years. He personally supervises Projects and is flexible to the needs of different campaigns.

Robert Jegle

Michael is a great guy. Very professional and attentive. Strong follow up and really good people skills.

Peter C. Orena

I found Michael to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile. I highly recommend Michael. He is a team player and would make a great asset for any project.

Mike Strawhorn

It is always a challenge to find a call center that can “actually do what they say” with volume and maintain quality. After working with Mike I quickly realized that Mike is one of those “rare” finds in the call center world. If you are looking for live call transfers, in any vertical well you have found the right company!

Michael Taylor

Working with Mike was an absolute pleasure. His experience in the sales field and understanding of what it takes to get the job done is second to none. Is a professional in every sense and great person to do business with.

Shawn Johnson

Michael is a hard worker and knows the true meaning of dedication.

L. Dalinas

Couldn’t ask for a better Partner. Michael knows his stuff and gets things done.

Jacob Boston

Michael is an encouraging, successful entrepreneur with a very sophisticated background. He is a result-driven and very customer focused professional. If you are looking for a one-stop solution to your call center needs, Michael is the right person to deal with.

Mervyn Guevarra

Michael is very professional and attentive. Strong follow up and really good people skills. All around great guy!

Allison Padgett

If you are looking for a knowledgeable pro, then Mike is your guy. I have worked with Mike on several occasions and he always leaves a lasting impression. I would recommend his services and company to anyone.

Jesse Mullen

Michael is a fantastic leader with a vision of running a solid company on the basis of a good product, great results and integrity; he does things the right way every time.

Brad Thiboult