Lead Transfer Apps

Lead Commander: Lead Delivery Portal

Real-Time Reporting

Real-Time Lead Reporting

Gain complete control with real-time views of your campaigns. As a lead is warm transferred from our agents to yours it is also entered into the Lead Commander. Your administrative login shows all activity as its happening so you can stay on top of your lead flow.

Email Notifications

Emailed Notifications

Whether you check your account online or on the go with your smartphone – email notifications provide a lead receipt of every lead we send your way.

Smart Access

Smart Access

As the administrator you have full rights to view every lead that is delivered to your system, but your agents should only see the leads they have individually received. With smart access your agents can only retrieve leads by the phone numbers they were given by our agents.

Return Requests

Recycle Requests

Requesting for a lead to be recycled couldn’t be easier. We thoroughly screen our transfers, but if one falls through the cracks and doesn’t qualify as stated in our Lead Recycle Policy you can request a new live transfer with a couple of clicks.

Audio Recordings

Audio Recordings

Do you need an audio recording for training or quality assurance reasons? Upon request we can provide you with the audio recording of a transfer, downloadable directly from the Lead Commander portal.

HTTP Posting

HTTP Posting To Your CRM

The Lead Commander can be utilized as a lead management and CRM system. Your agents can write notes on each prospect for later review. If you already have a CRM solution we can HTTP post to it. Send us the posting instructions and we will get it connected.

Excel Spreadsheets

Excel Spreadsheet Downloads

Pull reports by date & campaign. Cross reference campaigns with your sales figures and quickly know your ROI.

Call Center Gateway: Desktop & Mobile Apps

Lead Commander & Diamond Miner Google Chrome Accelerator App

Download Google Chrome Accelerator

The app was developed for the Google Chrome Browser to accelerate access to Live Lead Gateway’s Lead Commander and Data Lead Gateway’s Diamond Miner system.

Google Chrome Accelerator App

Call Center Gateway Mobile Android App

Download From The Google Play Marketplace

Gain quick access from any android powered tablet or smart phone to content regarding 3rd Party Verification, Live and Data Lead Generation services.

Call Center Gateway Android App