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The stress of piling debts can keep your potential customers awake at night. Would you like to have these customer live transferred into your office?

How beneficial would it be to speak with fresh clients looking for debt settlement services that haven’t been resold endlessly?

Give the power of control back to your debt settlement clients. Help them wrangle in high & many credit card debts, and help them make the first step toward a brighter financial future – it all starts with the highest quality leads.

Debt Relief regulations have changed the operating methods of debt settlement companies, but the demand for debt settlement is at it’s all time highest.

  • What is the Total amount of Credit Card debt that you owe?
  • Do you have a valid checking or Savings Account?
  • How much can you reasonably afford to pay each month towards your debt?
  • Are you current or behind on your payments?
  • Do you have some type of monthly income?

We deliver the hottest live transfers and data leads on the market, but don’t take our word for it. If the lead does not fit the expectations of the filters we set we have an iron-clad lead return policy.

That’s confidence that comes from standing behind high performance live transfers.

Isn’t it time to keep your sales staff busy with the most convert-able prospects?

We all know the truth beyond the hype. No lead generation company can promise you the sale – that depends partly on your program and sales staff. We can, and will deliver to you the ripest prospects eagerly looking for a debt settlement or debt management program.