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Solid Leads Are The Life-Blood Of Your Organization

We take that seriously. Most lead generation companies shy away from providing live transfers. Profit margins tend to be less than selling data.

This has created a large foreign market for lead generation. Unfortunately, most U.S. call centers are discovering the downsides of utilizing these centers and refuse to work with them.

We are a U.S. based call center.
    • We will not resell your lead to another client a few days after enrollment leading to cancels in your pipeline of sales.


  • We are not in the business of misleading a prospect to increase transfer rates.

We have a long-term outlook on the lead generation industry. We have been in operation for 10 years! Our agents are highly experienced in multiple debt relief verticals.

If your sales people are sitting around wasting time calling stale or bad leads give us a call 1-877-627-5001.

Get a quote. You will receive our best price from the first call, but if that still does not make sense for your business – challenge us to compete with your budget!

Imagine how many more sales can you make if you had your phone ringing with verified, live transfers guaranteed based on your criteria?

Live Lead Gateway works with the top Debt Settlement, Tax Settlement and Loan Modification companies in America. Our relationships span Fortune 500 companies to family operations nationwide.

10 Reasons You Should Go With Live Lead Gateway:
  • Exceptional Customer Service.
  • Exceptional After Sales Service.
  • Double Verified Live Transfers that Work.
  • Competitive Lead Pricing.
  • Flexible Time Schedules of Lead Generation.
  • Non-Incentivized Leads.
  • Leads Generated and Verified by 3rd Party.
  • Discounted & Promotional Pricing.
  • Custom Campaigns.
  • Bulk Order Pricing.

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