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Recycle Policy

It is in our best interest to provide our clients with qualified leads. The document below provides the protocols for understanding what is an acceptable lead for a recycle request, how to recycle leads and mutual expectations on both our lead generation process & your call center. Further Performance Standards can be found here.

Responsibilities & Obligations

We are not program providers! As a lead generation company our responsibility is to provide a live transfer which is screened against your designated filters listed on your invoice at time of purchase. We verify BASIC eligibility and motivation to obtain more information on various solutions. In that regard, sales presentations and rebuttals are the responsibility of your sales agents.

It is our experience that once we have screen a prospect against your filters, the major factors for conversion rely on your:

  • Program Benefits
  • Program Enrollment Requirements
  • Sales Agents Ability

Recycling Leads

Call Center Gateway reserves the right to verify the reported inaccuracies and, in Call Center Gateway’s sole discretion, determine whether the recycle request is valid. If a request is found to be valid we will issue a credit to your account for an exchange of an equally priced lead. All sales are final and no refunds are issued under any circumstance.

3 Minute Re-Verification

For our client’s privacy we do not record calls after 3 minutes. It is your agent’s responsibility to re-verify the information upon transfer within those 3 minutes. Any additional information which is presented after 3 minutes is not verifiable, and therefore null and void for return consideration.

Acceptable Reasons For Return

  • The client states he/she does not meet the agreed upon filters within the first 3 minutes of the call.
  • The client disconnects during the transfer before the first 3 minutes of the call.

24 Hours to Issue a Recycle Request

Unless otherwise stated all recycle requests must be place within 24 hours of issue through the Lead Commander Lead Delivery Portal. After 24 hours the lead is marked as “purchased” and can not be recycled.

Recycle Request Abuse

If recycle requests exceed 15% of a campaign’s volume, the account is marked for review. If abuse of our recycle system is found we reserve the right to discontinue accepting requests until the account’s requests are reduced to 10%.