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Return Policy


Prospecting is 90+% of the work our agents perform. Each agent sifts through thousands of records per day on a predictive basis to find a prospect which meets 3 categories:

  1. Screened & qualified against your filters
  2. Motivated to hear a proposed solution to their debt situation
  3. Has time to talk

Once the above 3 categories have been met we “hand-off” the lead using the steps below:

  1. Live phone transfer to your agent.
  2. With all three parties on the line our agent repeats all filters.
  3. Our agent then asks the prospect, “Is this information correct?” to which the response must be “Yes!“.
  4. At that point, your agent takes over while our agent stays muted on the line for 45 seconds.
  5. If the call goes past 45 seconds our agent drops off the line.
That’s the furthest we can go in our operational scope. We are not able to extract in a conversation that lasts only a few minutes what your agents will find over the course of the call.
The 45 second call buffer is really a way for us to immediately take back a call if their is a:
  • Filter confirmation issue: prospect is not congruent in their agreement of the filters when asked a 2nd time.
  • No time issue: something comes up and suddenly the prospect does not have time to talk.
  • Line distortion issue: prevents the call from being heard properly.
We will not put the burden on any of your staff members to be gatekeepers with only a 45 second ticking clock! Do exactly what you have been doing.
We did our due diligence to provide a qualified lead, but despite our best efforts if your weekly audit reveals an unacceptable amount of returnable leads just let us know. We will provide an overage on your next order to compensate for the discrepancy.



Please note: After the 45 second mark when our agents drops off the line it is a billable lead. We do not record your leg of the call and can not issue refunds for things which may occasionally arise during the sales conversation. We have done our due diligence to provide a qualified lead.
Unlike TV & Radio leads where the raw call is yours, qualified or not, this buffer is the 2nd layer of quality assuring the live transfer before your agent’s conversation.
Important: Since the prospect confirmed twice their ability to meet your filters, these 45 seconds should not be used to rescreen the prospect. The prospect is interested & eligible and needs to be pitched right away! Instead these 45 seconds will be a way for our agents to catch disconnects, abrupt “no time to talk”, and other anomalies that would prevent your agents initiating a conversation.
Quality Assurance Department
We now have dedicated personnel assigned solely to reviewing the recordings of every transfer. This team proactively works in your defense to make sure our agents are targeting prospects who are motivated, qualified upon your filters and have time to talk.
This will help catch mistakes quickly. If our quality assurance team reviews a recording which should not have been transferred it is removed from your system within minutes & is not added to your total of billable leads sent.
Also this will enhance our agent’s performance in better understanding your campaign.
Feedback Feature

We decided to keep a feature similar to the Recycle Request for feedback purposes. If a lead sent over is not qualified you can go through the same steps previously taken to issue a Recycle Request to provide feedback.

Please look for the “Lead Feedback” link in your Lead Commander panel.

We will review leads submitted on our Lead Feedback page. We will not approve/deny leads so please do not expect a response to individual leads.
This feature is for informational purposes only, serving to provide a “big picture view” into the success of each campaign.
If despite our best efforts to provide a qualified lead we find an unacceptable amount of flagged leads, at our discretion, we will issue an overage on your next order.
There is still a 24 hour window to leave feedback regarding a lead. A lead not marked in the feedback system within 24 hours is assumed to be a good lead.